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Expatriates and Globalization (Essay Sample)


Expatriates are people who travel abroad for work.with increased globalization there has been an increased number of ex-pats. the article examines ex-pat preparations as they move to a new country. What they should expect, and the changes they will experience. it also offers insight on whether or nor the author would like to be an Ex-pat and gives a reason for their choice.


Increased globalization rates have seen an increase in the number of employees sent to other countries for work. An expatriate is an individual who resides outside their native country (McNulty & Brewster, 2017). Business ex-pats are individuals sent to another country for business purposes. Employees must be ready to make adjustments to fit in the country's norms where they are sent to work. The essay will examine the preparations an ex-pat will need as they move overseas.
Expected Preparations
The first thing to prepare an employee for is language changes. Not all countries speak in English, and therefore an employer needs to prepare their ex-pats for any language changes they may experience (University of Minnesota, 2016). Through training, the ex-pat can be taught simple phrases they can use for communication abroad. Language training aims to ensure that ex-pats can adapt to the country they move to for business.
The second area of preparation is culture changes. Each country has its unique culture, and what may be acceptable in the American culture may be considered rude in another country's culture. For example, in American culture, people can summon each other by lifting their palms upwards and using one finger (University of Minnesota, 2016). In Malaysia, however, this is only done for animals (University of Minnesota, 2016). Culture training informs individuals about the country's norms enabling them to adapt better (University of Minnesota, 2016). Therefore, the employer needs to research and teach the ex-pat about the other country's culture.
Another area for preparation is goal training. Since the ex-pat is sent to another country for business purposes, employers need to explain the expected outcomes of the overseas assignment. The above ensures the employee understands their obligations and what they need to do to achieve set goals.
Stress and family management is a crucial area of preparation for any expatriate. Since the companies do not send the ex-pats family along with them in most cases, homesickness and stress may occur due to loneliness. Therefore, it is imperative to teach employees about managing stress and homesickness (University of Minnesota, 2016). Stress management training enhances the mental well-being of ex-pats.
The final preparation is repatriation which involves ensuring the smooth return of an individual to their home country. According to the University of Minnesota (2016) research, many ex-pats experience culture shock upon returning to their home country. Such shock can negatively affect individuals' mental well-being as they experience fear, disorientation and helplessness (University of Minnesota, 2016). Therefore, an employer must ensure a smooth transition of an employee back to their home culture.
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