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Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer (Essay Sample)


Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer
the essay should capture at least two industries from global perspective
STYLE: APA, NEW times romans, font 12.
number of sources: 5 relevant references, which must be in-texted in the essay.
include the below references
Eichenberg, C., Huss, J., & Küsel, C. (2017). From online dating to online divorce: An overview of couple and family relationships shaped through digital media. Contemporary Family Therapy, 39(4), 249-260.
Itsakov, E., Kazantsev, N., Yangutova, S., Torshin, D., & Alchykava, M. (2019, June). Digital Economy: Unemployment Risks and New Opportunities. In International Conference on Digital Transformation and Global Society (pp. 292-299). Springer, Cham


Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer
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Advancement in the field of technology has resulted in invention of various devices, which have improved operations and comforts in life. Commonly among the interventions, which ate utilized in the present era, is computer. In regard, computer has treated as become basic need among modern people (Nikulin & Bagautdinova, 2019). Just like any device, computer has pros and cons. This implies that computers although has advantages, it also has disadvantages based on its applicability and usability in the modern era. Computer has improved work efficiency in different facets of economy such as education, business, healthcare, and home setting among industries (Srivastava, 2019). On the contrary, computer use which is associated with addiction which is healthy top the society.
In business setting, computer serves various advantages. The technological devices improve efficiency and productivity of given business. Compute work 24/7 hours hence improved operations at cost-effectiveness (Nikulin & Bagautdinova, 2019). Businesses uses computer to process market data, make data-based decisions hence improved operational efficiency resulted in realization of goals and objectives. The device also reduces the workload and span among the employees hence shifting of time to other business activities like research and development to improve respective business operations. Currently, there is increased online shopping, which hubs in the utilization of computers at work, home, or place of comfort (Nikulin & Bagautdinova, 2019). Additionally, computer has improved communication among people thus saving time and money.
In education sector, computer serves significant advantages. Computer has enabled online learners to access information online at almost free (Srivastava, 2019). Additionally, computer has facilitated online learning, where tutors and students have respective lessons at their respective times. Consequently, the online e-learning has not only reduced travelling costs but also facilitated classes at comfort zones. According to Srivastava (2019), tutors and teachers also use computer to get effective and applicable learning materials, which have translated to improved performance among the students in the modern era. The use of computer in educational sector has improved research and development thus discovery of improved solutions to societal challenges like diseases, insecurities, and resource scarcity.
Modern families are significant enjoying comfort life due to computer. A family can simple spend leisure at free by watching movies on computer. Family communication has also been improved via computer through social media platforms (Eichenberg et al, 2017). Moreover, one can access products and services at home through computer. Through online retail platforms like Alibaba, Amazon, Jingdong, and eBay, one can order a product and delivery made at door post. Therefore, computer has not improved access to many products and services across the world but also reduced the cost associated with shopping.
On the contrary, computer has significant disadvantages to business, families, and the general society. The use of computer has resulted in increased unemployment rates in the world. Human labor has been replaced with computer hence loss of job opportunities (Itsakov, 2019, June). In addition, continue use of computer causes eye problems as well as lack of exercise among children. Computer is addiction device, which has not only rendered most people unproductive but also broken many marriages. Computer through internet has exposed young generation to pornographic films thus corrupting their minds (Karamizadeh &a

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