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Programatic Issues on Cyber Resilience (Essay Sample)


assessing some of the programmatic issues facing the private sector and challenges in efforts to implement cyber resilience programs.
When writing, use standard English and avoid jargon and technical terms.
Use at least two sources and provide at least two references in a reference list
Paper should follow aPA reference style edition 6.


Programmatic Issues on Cyber Resilience
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Programmatic Issues on Cyber Resilience
The rapid growth in e-commerce and smart cards in online purchases have notably increased in the payment card market, especially in the private sector. Understanding of security has emerged a substantial development for the last decade. People underestimate the safety procedures of protecting their financial data on the internet. Particularly, financial privacy persons operating in the private and economic arena are facing challenging cyber-attacks. It is important to assess programmatic issues facing the private sector and challenges in implementing cyber resilience programs.
A major challenge in instituting cyber resilience programs is creating packages that can obstruct cybercrime, cyber hacktivism, and cyber espionage to enable continuity in business management. Cyber resilience programs have four components namely; threat protection, recoverability, adaptability, and durability. Implementing endpoint detection and response would mitigate threat protection. However, some challenges evolve and cybercriminals perfect their skills and systems with more technological advancement (Koraus et al., 2017). Having full data backups on alternative networks help in data recovery. However, the company must have a planned procedure in case of a data breach where all departments and employees should participate in the organized simulation.
A private sector's willingness to evolve and adapt to cybercrime attack tactics program would be a challenge in implementing cyber resilience programs (Hussein, 2018). Cyber attackers are always changing and becoming more creative in their unethical dealings. Building a security team that acts fast to a security threat in real-time seems impossible since crime is never precedent and happens when one least expects it. In particular, obstructing a cybercrime emanating from smart card hacks at pay or purchase points

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