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Opportunities for Innovation (Essay Sample)


Subject: Business and Management
Number of words: 550
Number of sources: 3
Organizations often try to develop an entrepreneurial culture through a strong
orientation toward entrepreneurship.
A. Prepare a brief summary, listing and defining at least four reasons why
entrepreneurial organizations seek opportunities for innovation.
B. Acknowledge sources, using APA-formatted in-text citations and references, for
content that is quoted, paraphrased, or summarized.
C. Demonstrate professional communication in the content and presentation of your


Opportunities for Innovation
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Opportunities for Innovation
Entrepreneurial ventures operate in unpredictable markets where change is inevitable. As times necessitate, innovation has been instrumental in bettering an organization's operation models and chances of survival. It follows the premise that a company's products, ideas, and methods must solve current problems. Some of the reasons for innovation include catalyzing organizational growth, enhancing competitiveness, enabling organizations to meet emerging customer demands, and helping them to attract and retain the best talent.
Innovation enables an organization to grow through evolution. Businesses that readily innovate quickly scale up and attract more dynamic employees than their slow competitors (Kerr, 2016). Innovative organizations get a better opportunity for winning and retaining customers since their products or services are improved as situations compel. Through persistent innovation, organizations replace inefficient processes with more productive ones that provide quality within their range of products or services. This gradual newness of organizations helps them to evolve. In the process, growth is inevitable due to the returns gained by consistent customer satisfaction.
Innovation helps an organization to stand out from competitors. Regardless of an organization's size, it belongs to a particular niche or industry with many similar products or services. Accordingly, uniqueness is necessary for enhancing competitiveness, which is why innovation is paramount (Lee & Yoo, 2019). Innovation improves popular products. Alternatively, a company can invest in a new line of business using the same resources or incorporate new features depending on the market’s situation. Consequently, it will always be ahead of others due to the appeal it creates before competitors change their methods. The gains that result from uniqueness make the difference.
Innovation is the only way of responding to customers’ endless demands. In agreement with Kerr (2016), customer needs are highly unpredictable, and customers’ loyalty is never guaranteed unless there is satisfaction. Through innovation, entrepreneurs can predict and determine possible changes based on products’ features or other variables. Lee and Yoo (2019) also argued that the only way to provide long-term business solutions is by being innovative. New ideas excite customers, and they are the way of coming up with solutions even before the target market realizes they are required. The new ideas that innovation generates help to meet customers’ constantly changing demands.
Innovative organizations attract and retain the best talents. Talented employees like challenges and encouragement to solve embryonic problems. Ionescu and Dumitru (2015) argued that it is only through creating a culture of innovation that an organization can be in a position to recruit and retain such talents. Doing so allows organizations to adapt to change and enc

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