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Identifying the Technological Advancements in Science (Essay Sample)


In a world of nanotechnology, human genome, biotechnology, stem-cell research, and
cloning are we truly better because of these scientific breakthroughs or not? 
1. Instructions: Investigate and locate evidence that supports the benefits of the list of
scientific breakthroughs below:
2. Identify and discuss the  threats or limitations that these scientific progress has
A.    Nanotechnology
B.   Human Genome
C.   Biotechnology and Stem-Cell Research
D.   Cloning
E.   Genetically Engineered Foods
Your research must be in APA writing style with at least 5 scholarly  journal references.


Scientific Advancement
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Scientific Advancement
Most scientists have discovered various advancements to enhance efficiency in the manufacturing, agriculture, and health sectors in the technological world. These technological advancements have also invented various shortcomings in human kinds. For instance, nanotechnology, human genome, stem cell research, cloning, and food engineering have various revolutions and cons to society. In most cases, applications with importance also include their advantages. Below are the comparison and contrast between the advantages and disadvantages of the new scientific advancements.
Most people consider nanotechnology as the future revolution in the technology sector for its benefits. This technological application would develop electronic products such as Nano transistors and quantum computers through advanced scientific research (Bruns, 2014). Besides, this advancement would enhance energy production efficiency by producing energy preservation products like battery cells and solar cells (Bruns, 2014). Despite these pros, nanotechnology would cause several unemployment cases by enabling the specialized farming and manufacturing industries' technical occupations. The discovery would also allow easy access to atomic weapons, hence increasing terrorism and civil wars.

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