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Ghana and Netherlands Trade Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)


the trade of cocoa beans between ghana and netherlands. how to start a business of cocoa beans in netherlands


Cocoa Beans Export from Ghana to the Netherlands
Institutional Affiliations
Cocoa Beans Export from Ghana to the Netherlands
Cultural Analysis
Being a small firm in the market platform, the firm has a long way to establish and gain a significant platform with the other firms. The firm aims to export cocoa beans from Ghana to the Netherlands. Ghana has been on high production of cocoa beans in the map of the world. Their main competitor is Ivory Coast. Ghana changed its name from the Gold Coast after gaining independence in the year 1957 from the British colony.
Ghana is suitable for growing cocoa plants due to its location at the equatorial climate. The country is located in a hot and wet area where the production of cocoa beans is suitable. The people in Ghana depend on the production of cocoa beans to get their daily needs. The families planting the cocoa plants have been involved in the business for ages even before the country had the independent. The increase in the cocoa plants in the country is as a result of the profit margin can by the farmers in Ghana.
Young people were involved in the planting and harvesting of the products. Young people can get an education and join their parents in the farming of the plant. With the production of the cocoa beans in the country, the people can afford stable lives that include quality education, proper shelter and quality and quantity food.

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