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Hezbollah: Financing Terror through Criminal Enterprise Essay (Essay Sample)


Hezbollah: Financing Terror through Criminal Enterprise


Hezbollah: Financing Terror through Criminal Enterprise
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Hezbollah: Financing Terror through Criminal Enterprise
There is still concern among homeland security about the capability of Hezbollah subjects to attempt a terrorist attack. The link between the group and other members of terrorist groups shows this terrorist group's global reach. Homeland security has noted that assessing this group's global presence requires understanding operational activities and financial and logistical supporters, making such operations successful. Hezbollah has continued to collaborate with hostile regimes and like-minded groups to undermine American National security through money laundering, drugs, weapons trafficking, raising funds, and recruiting operatives (Martin & Solomon, 2017). All these activities have a direct effect on U.S homeland security. In recent years, Hezbollah has increased its operations beyond the borders of Lebanon. The increase has been evident in South and North America. The criminal conviction and prosecution of one of Hezbollah's operatives, Ali Kourani, showed new trends about the group's activities and operations extent in the U.S. Although it has not recently launched any severe attack, the group's operatives and most of its activities occur in the U.S.

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