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Influence Of Covid-19 Business & Marketing Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Analyze the impact of COVID-19 on one of the companies in our cases
1. Choose one company in the case studies covered in this course. (WalMart, Whole Foods, Coke, Pepsi, Barnes & Noble,
2. Use one or more frameworks (PESTEL, or Five Forces Model) we discussed in this course and analyze how COVID -19 would impact on one or more strategies this company is implementing.
3. Derive your conclusion about whether and how COVID - 19 would impact on this companies' competitiveness and performance.
4. Provide you recommendations on how this company would cope with those impact brought by COVID -19.
1. Format: Times New Roman, 12 point, double spacing. 2-page minimum.
2. You may refer to the course textbook, the course pack and your own notes while answering the questions. The use of any other materials, including any kind of internet based article or data is also allowed. Please use citations & bibliography (MLA or APA) as appropriate.
3. Wherever applicable and relevant, please provide quantitative AND qualitative evidence supporting your answers.
4. This is an INDIVIDUAL assignment- DO NOT discuss the exam with anyone else.


Impact of COVID-19 on Coke Company
Impact of COVID-19 on Coke Company
Earlier last month on 13TH March 2020, the world health organization announced coronavirus as a pandemic to the world. From then on, the pandemic has spread across the world and causing panic to those that haven’t been affected yet. The most affected areas are the businesses, both large and small. Companies have started realizing the heavy impact of this pandemic and they have started changing their policies and strategies to curb the economic instability they are undergoing. This discussion narrows down to how the impact of coronavirus has affected the business operations, plans, and strategies of coke company according to the PESTEL model.
Coke is the leading beverage company in the states and is probably one of the most affected companies due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to the PESTEL model, some of the society members working in coke company have lost jobs through sickness and even death. The members of the society are unable to attend jobs due to the restrictions put in by the law in order to reduce the pandemic. Generally, human welfare has been affected by the current situation. The workforce has been reduced in some branch companies until the coronavirus situation becomes better. Also, the retailers selling the coke brands are having fewer sales compared to the previous normal days.

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