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Buy- and- Operate Gourmet Restaurant business in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) (Essay Sample)


Case study of current and future trends of gourmet food in UAE - CASE STUDY


Buy- and- Operate Gourmet Restaurant business in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
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Buy- and-Operate Gourmet Restaurant Business in Dubai, United Arab Emirates(UAE)
According to a 2020 World Bank Report titled” Doing Business 2020-Comparing Business Regulations in 190 Countries” the United Arab Emirates ranks 16th in this list of 190 World Countries(World Bank Group, 2020). The identified criteria were in terms of, inter alia, ease of starting new businesses, getting permits, getting power, electricity, location, safeguarding minority stakeholders’ interests, ease of tax regulations and other onerous burdens of getting into new business venture, comparatively much easier in the UAE when compared to other countries of the world (World Bank Group, 2020).
Why Dubai- why Food and Beverages (F & B) industry?
This project has been driven by the singular factor that UAE, especially Dubai, is the world’s best place to do honest, profitable, growth- focused business, especially food business, which provides promoters motivation for buying an existing gourmet food business, refurbishing it and operating it profitably with active partnership of local Arabic partner and stakeholder. Thus, the chosen country and business type would a 24- hours, Round-the-clock, Dubai- based gourmet restaurant with barbeque and outside food catering services in and around Dubai city limits.
Recent internal Market Reports have reconfirmed that there is ample economic scope for slow- cooked food businesses in Dubai, with population of around 2 million, not including floating population like tourists, vacationers and businessmen, which arrive here in flocks every day. Dubai International Airport is indeed, one of the busiest and crowded airports in the world.
Dubai has the unique distinction of being UAE’s largest tourist destination, and year 2019 saw over 34 million passengers travelling through Dubai International airport (World Report, 2020). Besides, large majority of expatriate workforce in Dubai come from Asia, especially, 

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