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Research and Descirbe Just-in-time Production Strategy (Essay Sample)


Just-in-time Production Strategy

            Just-in-time Production Strategy   Name   Course   Tutor   Date         Just-in-time Production Strategy In the dawn of modern economic and industrial revolution, companies and organizations managements are strategizing and designing business processes that will reduce operational costs and increase quality in production at the same time. The need to increase effectiveness in inventory management systems, increase staff involvement and effectual production of high quality products at significantly low production and operational cost has prompted organizations to adapt the Just –in-time (JIT) industrial operational mechanism. JIT refers to a set of operation and production concepts and theories that focuses on low production cost, meeting consumer demands and quality, as well as incur zero production waste.  Toyota recorded enormous advantages in the implementation of JIT. According to, implementation of JIT in the car manufacturing and assembling company leads to increased efficiency and effectiveness in production and management operations. Implementation of JIT strategies in Toyota increased organizational, interdepartmental, as well as inter-organizational communication and interaction. Integrated and efficient communication protocols between vendors and product distributors improved Toyota production operations.  JIT production strategies significantly reduced Toyota n production cost through cutting down the cost of purchasing production materials and other operation expenses. Just in time delivery strategy promoted cooperation and collaboration of organizational departments, hence increased managerial and employee commitment and involvement in company operational strategies. The implementation of JIT harnessed time and resources in production by minimizing the amount of work and time in processing inventories, raw material and finished goods. I regard of these JIT strategic factors, Toyota Company gained momentum and acquired a large market share all attributed to the efficiency, low production cost, innovation and production of quality products (Forrester & Bamford 2010 p.115).  The implementation of JIT philosophy experienced diverse setbacks and limitations. For instance, Toyota Company suffered massive production delays due to inconsistency in the supply and delivery of raw materials due to unpredicted traffic issues. The implementation of JIT mechanism is vulnerable and susceptible to disruption and alteration in production n by catastrophes such as earthquakes and storms. For instances, the Hashim earthquakes significantly altered production in Toyota company due...
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