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Knowledge Management Research Assignment Paper (Essay Sample)


the task prompted an exhaustive definition of knowledge management. the essay analyzed the value of knowledge management in a business organization.


Knowledge Management
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Knowledge Management
Knowledge management entails tapping or capturing of information, in the form of knowledge, and using it within an organization, to create an advantage, through increased business performance (Dalkir & Liebowitz, 2011). Therefore the key atributes that make up knowledge management include getting the knowledge, using it within the organization, and creating a value out of the information.
An essential example of attributes of knowledge management include sharing data, visible, often through a recorded form of information (Barclay & Murray, 1997). Information is derived from an analysis of data. Dalkir and Liebowitz (2011) indicate that knowledge can be more of what is known but hardly explained (tacit knowledge) while explicit knowledge entails recorded, seen and easily shared information. Conc...
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