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Helping a Small Development Organization to Manage Volunteers More Efficiently (Essay Sample)


Write an essay about helping a small organization manage volunteers, include problem context, results and recommendations in your essay.


Helping a Small Development Organization Manage Volunteers More Efficiently
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Helping a Small Development Organization Manage Volunteers More Efficiently
Small development organizations that are working for the social welfare of people are specifically responsible for the improvement of society. A number of organizations are working to achieve different social welfare objectives and functions. For this research, the writer has considered different small developing organizations that are working for the improvement of South African areas. Most important asset or property of the non-profit organization is the number and dedication of volunteer that are willing to work on different projects for the non-profit organization. Research shows that there are different smaller developing organizations facing the problem of volunteer retention and research objected to finding major reasons and solution for these problems.
The research article’s objective is to solve the problem of volunteer management in small organizations that can help in increasing the efficiency and performance of the organization. In this article, the writer has addressed major reasons and causes that create a problem in retention and satisfaction of volunteer that work for the non-profit organization. With the help of this research, the writer has presented different techniques and methods used to increase the volunteer management of small organization by facilitating the volunteer in their schedule of working. Main ideas that are present here are the multi-criteria volunteer scheduling model and reducing the cost of scheduling.
Problem and Context
The main area of the problem that has addressed in this article is the problems of volunteer management in small welfare organization. Most of the organizations that are working for development and social benefit of the South American countries are facing the issue of volunteer management. This problem is increasing because the organization is not giving a proper and manageable schedule to their volunteers. Thus, because of the miss- management in volunteer working, the organization is facing challenges to perform its social activities and execution of different welfare programs CITATION Mau11 \l 1033 (Mauro Falasca, 2011).
On the sub level, it has found out that the problems of volunteer management and volunteer retention are increasing in developing organization, mainly because of the traditional or manual scheduling methods used by the organization. For most of the organizations studied or observed in the research, the use of traditional and manual scheduling methods for volunteers is predominant. These traditional scheduling methods create challenges for employees, and affect the long-term retention of volunteers.
The second area of concern that the research revealed for the small developing organization is the increasing number of unfilled shifts and undesired projects in these organizations. The research study has focused on addressing the problems and issues of a welfare organization on a common level. Main facts and data collected for completing the research problem is the field of study of labor scheduling from different non-profit organizations. The problem of scheduling has address after analyzing the facts and data from a field study of different small developing organizations.
Area of the problem that this article discusses is the common problem of different small developing organizations that are not working for profit earning. This problem mainly faced by the organization that is working on a small scale because they lack proper budget management and use of advance and digital technologies to perform their actions. It is one of the areas of concern that the study for the small nonprofit organization because these organizations usually work with traditional and manual techniques of doing functions. It is the important area of discussion because the small-scale non-profit organization can use this approach for improving their efficiency and volunteer management.
Analysis and Approach
In this article, the writer has focused on the primary analysis and directly works with different small non-profit organizations to evaluate their a...
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