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Learning organization. Employee Training and Development (Essay Sample)


Choosing an existing company that fits the description of a learning organization and discussing the strategies used to train and develop employee talent


Learning Organization: Employee Training and Development
Insert Name
Learning Organization
Today, organizations implement training programs to ensure that employees learn valuable skills needed for organizational development. Organizational learning continuously inculcate past, current, and future strategies to enhance the knowledge and experiences of workers (Anand, 2012). In turn, employees are able to gain meaningful insights on various organizational concepts thereby enabling the organization to improve productivity and the level of business flow. The actions of employees are improved for the better because they acquire skills, strategies, and knowledge needed for organizational development (Anand, 2012). The business environment is changing at an increasing rate. To remain operative and competitive, organizations must train employees to achieve operational fitness and adapt to the new circumstances. As such, learning is the only strategy that can enable organizations to attain sustainable competitive advantage.
Learning Organization: Hewlett Packard
HP is one of the largest and most celebrated information technology companies in the world. Primarily, HP develops and manufactures data storage, computing, designing, and networking software. The company’s leading products include ent...
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