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An Effective Management in Technology Advanced Organizations a Case of Apple Company (Essay Sample)


An Effective Management in Technology Advanced Organizations a Case of Apple Company


An Effective Management in Technology Advanced Organizations a Case of Apple Company
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An Effective Management in Technology Advanced Organizations a Case of Apple Company
Chapter 1: Introduction
Technology advancement is the application of sensible sciences to commerce and other applicable areas. Technology in some past years has turned to be an ever transforming aspect in the work stations and organizations. This has made it one of the main topics in today’s business world. As a result, many companies are trying hard to incorporate the most current technology into their daily operations. This is evident from the fact that a number of popular business publications have now set aside some sections where they have technology publications done (Edwards, Yankey, & Altpeter, 1998 p 58). In addition, the departments of information technology are fetching serious components in most organizations. The greatest urge of the entire technology ground is on its design aimed at making people, as well as, organizations gain more knowledge efficiently and become more profitable.
The technological scope that any company adopts should be vast and who’s ranging from a simple aspect. For example, purchasing a personal PC containing a word processor to help in the investigation procedures in the latest computer aided art in machinery manufacture. Apart from the complexity of an organization incorporation to aspects that contains certain technology advancements, there will be results in a company’s information systems accompanying or adapting some changes (Edwards, Yankey, & Altpeter, 1998 p 128). However, an implementation of advanced technology systems can in one way be a change catalyst and on the other hand, act as a way of achieving a desired or expected organizational changes. Despite of motivation factors, a technological system that is well integrated in a company’s operation system will take into account ideally the company’s impacts just before it is incorporated or established. This research project aims at indentifying the kind of management system, practices and processes that are adapted in the high tech organizations. High advanced technology companies requires a big deal of strategic management styles in order to make sure that the adapted technology features enables the company to experience the expected or desired changes (Edwards, Yankey, & Altpeter, 1998 p 27). It is also important to note that such changes can be experienced once the available technological aspects are used or implemented in certain specific cases, which require classic managerial skills.
Problem statement
High tech companies get a significant aspect of their competitive advantage from the amount of intellectual capital that they have managed to accumulate from human labor that is instilled in the company. Knowledge especially in management is an essential asset to the company based on the intellectual capital aspects (Gomez-Mejia, & Lawless, 1990 p 45). Such knowledge forms the centre of a company’s capabilities, thus, its growth and development is one of the key strategies of any company that aims to be among the high tech group. This kind of intellectual capital is a times hard to trace or locate.
As a result, the issue of locating or identifying management experts that holds internalized, as well as, tacit knowledge delves within the sphere of competence management. Such knowledge is important because personals are able to come up with groups of employees in the high tech companies categorized on the basis of where the knowledge lies within the company, as well as, within the individual employees or groups (Kochan, & Useem, 1992 p 47). This happens instead of indentifying stored knowledge; management competence main focus is on locating these skills effectively. All these strategies are aimed at making sure that company’s operational, as well as, strategic goals are achieved as expected.
Competence management in high tech companies gives the company a chance to locate the knowledge gaps easily aimed at getting assessment and refine the staffing needs and other initiatives such as professional training and human resource. It is clear that once there is existence of a management system that is effective and competent time taken to search for experts in these companies is reduced (Hudson, 2000 p 94). This is an advantage in the long run as an increase in the productivity of the company will be experienced. High tech companies like Apple, requires a network of locations where a management system that is sophisticated is used in order to ensure that the advancing technological knowledge is effectively used where wasteful duplications are reduced or avoided.
This research project will come up with a way to help in improving management system within the high tech companies with an aim of dealing with the identified management gaps, the effects that they pose to the success of these companies, and to ensure a continuous and sustainable growth (Sifonis, & Goldberg, 1996 p 104).
Significance of the study
The study on effective management of high tech companies is important as it gives the management teams in these companies a clear picture of what is expected in order to ensure that they achieve their set goals effectively. This study will highlight on the aspect of competence management which calls for locating knowledge within groups and individuals in the company (Bateman, & Snell, 2013 p 56). Once such knowledge is taped and developed the management constraints facing these companies will be reduced significantly.
The main goal of this research study is based on improving the current management styles in these companies, in order to develop and help employees to develop a career plan that is advancing with technology. These goals can be achieved by ensuring that competence management skills in these companies are adapted, developed and implemented effectively. The goal can be achieved through management mentors who can teach the employees on the right advancing management styles that will help them not to become career obsolesce (Bateman, & Snell, 2013 p 21). Therefore, this study output is an important source material that managers in these companies can incorporate and publish by diffusion and training technique.
Research Questions:
The research project aims at answering the following questions
How projects are managed in high-tech information work organizations?
How does the high tech organization collaborate in management?
How is information shared in the high tech organization?
What management training has the managers received?
What management task changes are evident in the high tech organization?
Research Objectives
This research project will...
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