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Management vs Leadership (Essay Sample)

are management and marketing synonyms? what kind of a leader does your organization have? identify Kurt findings on leadership types source..
Organizational Leadership vs. Management Name Institution Management and leadership are not synonyms. They have different meanings and uses. Management focuses on maintaining organizational stability and continuous improvement of processes. It ensures that an organization achieves its desired profitability and product quality. Managers make possible to realize these by aiding implementations of organizational systems, measuring and evaluating performance. On the other hand, leadership focuses on ensuring organizational effectiveness and change. Leadership concentrates on ensuring that organization's stakeholders behave in a desired way contributing to organizational performance. Thus, leadership ensures that, stakeholders adopt behaviors that contribute to the realization of organizational goals, vision, and purpose. Therefore, managers ensure achievement of leadership and management goals. The organization I work with as a nurse has a leader and not a manager (Mrs. Brooke). As a leader, she empowers other employees in the organization through the provision of services contributing to the motivation, innovation and inspiring. She has good communication skills. This helps her build a trusting relationship with the staff. She has sound skills and knowledge of coordinating the use of the allocated resources. This depicts her energetic and sincerity that has a significant effect on her relationship with the other staff members making her an effective leader (Jones & Pound, 2008). Kurt Lewin, one of the researchers found out that, three types of leaderships exist in an organization. This includes autocratic, democratic, and laissez-faire leadership styles. Autocratic leadership does not recognize the role of other stakeholders in the organization when making decisions. It causes a high level of discontent and poor coordination of activities within an organization. The ...
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