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Nordstrom Web Analysis Report Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)


the paper entailed a web analysis of nordstrom


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Nordstrom Web Analysis Report
Digital technology has infiltrated most markets and imparted significant changes in business models. Its versatility and extensive customer reach force most organizations to incorporate it in their marketing strategies. Customer segments are tech-savvy, and intense competition offers low switching costs. Therefore, companies must digitally modify their approach to offer unique selling propositions and gain competitive advantage. Nordstrom, a premium fashion retailer, used digital marketing strategies during its recent launch of the New York women’s store. Using insights from web analytics, the company should increase exciting content on its site, reduce the budget on paid advertisements, and increase its visibility in other websites, blogs, and social media platforms to boost its organic search traffic.
Company Background
Nordstrom began in 1901 in Seattle as a partnership between John Nordstrom and Carl F. Wallin. Initially, it was a shoe store called Wallin & Nordstrom. By 1960, the company had opened eight new stores and was quickly becoming a dominant player in the shoe chain industry. In 1963, it diversified its portfolio and acquired Best’s Apparel that dealt with women’s fashion. Nordstrom offered its IPO in 1971 and became Nordstrom Inc. From 1973, the company undertook a national expansion strategy, venturing into markets such as California, Alaska, and Virginia. It adopted e-commerce in 1998 through its website Throughout the next decade, the company offered consumers services through its brick and mortar stores as well as online stores (“Company History”). It went international in 2009 when it started shipping products abroad, and today, it serves over 90 markets. Currently, Nordstrom boasts of full-line stores in Canada and Puerto Rico.
Nordstrom’s Market and User Experience.
Nordstrom uses its websites and mobile applications to serve customers and ensure a smooth omnichannel sales strategy. The company features a range of brands under one roof, offering consumers a central location to search for and purchase a variety of fashion-related goods.

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