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Nutrition and Functional Foods Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)


provide a summary of a market research article


Nutrition and Functional Foods
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Nutrition and Functional Foods
For all living things, food is essential. Without food, no one will exist. Thus, eating and food is an essential aspect of human life. Although it is necessary to eat, what is of great significance is eating healthy foods that promote good health and well-being. Healthy eating reduces the chances of getting lifestyle illnesses, improves sleep and concentration, and allows better sleep. Good health is a priority for many people, governments, and international organizations. In its sustainable development goals, however, good health and nutrition are among the priority areas for the United Nations, ("#Envision2030 Goal 3: Good Health and Well-being | United Nations Enable", 2021). The current market research report focuses on trends about malnutrition, consumption of healthy and functional foods, and provides recommendations on how to promote healthy living through proper nutrition in developing countries.
Functional foods refer to foods that contain nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, and fibre. They are meant to fulfill nutritional deficiencies. The report indicates that the estimated market value for functional food globally stood at $161.16 billion in 2019. The market value will expand to around $251.57 billion by 2025. The growth is driven by increased awareness about nutrition and functional food and healthy lifestyle. The increasing trend has been experienced since 2016 and is expected to continue. The prevalence of chronic diseases has been rising exponentially in recent years. The rise in the number of chronic disease cases globally pushes consumers to prefer healthier foods. Many people now realize the value of good nutrition. The US, Europe, and Japan account for the largest customer base for functional foods globally.

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