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Going International Business & Marketing Essay Research (Essay Sample)


Emerging Market Strategies and Ethical Dilemmas


Emerging Market Strategies and Ethical Dilemmas
Emerging Market Strategies and Ethical Dilemmas
Company Description and its Operations
IMPOSSIBLE FOODS, The First Plant-Based Burger that Bleeds Like Meat, falls under food and nutrition industry. This industry deals with welfare of healthy living and food supplements. It is regarded as one of the most lucrative industries because people consume food and the related products on a daily basis. The need for this business ranges from offering the best deals in the industry to the maintenance of bottom-line, which is making profits. The business has its means of transport, which makes it even cheap to the price as compared to other operators of similar business. In terms of market size, the business has a relatively big coverage since the market serves many localities around it and a number of institutions including secondary schools and tertiary institutions. The packaging of the products is done in smaller units.
Although expansion of the business to make more profits by going international is the bottom-line of this decision, there are various reasons for the significance of this project that mostly touch on the consumers and owners as well as the local authorities. The business will ensure that there is variety of hygienic and nutritious burger. Although there are several businesses that offer clean foodstuff in Italy, there are others that do not take the issue seriously, hence offer substandard produces. This proposed business will try as much as possible to set the pace and raise standards higher for other businesses to follow. It will even give the most established one a run for their money.
This project is also of great importance to the people of Italy as the enterprise will offer an alternative meal to the customers. The products will be sold at a standardized price and brought near customers. The enterprise will offer a wide variety of commodities. This will be a one stop shop town and store. The business’s five years plan is that it will have diversified all over the city. The business will involve itself in community activities and development projects. This will save them exploitation from middlemen.
The business will offer a wide variety of burger and related products in wholesale and retail. This will ensure that customers get all commodities under one roof. The business will also be a link of local farmers to neighbouring cities. This is because it will export commodities to neighbouring cities. The enterprise is going to offer employment to the local community. From the wholesale unit to the retail to the repacking and packaging units.
Target Country and the Reason for Choosing
This business is to cross into the Italian market, and is expected to succeed due to offering cheap and affordable products as well as offering after-sales services, which will be mostly enjoyed by those who purchase in bulk. The business has a five-year plan, which is to offer a wide variety of commodities and become a one stop shop town and store. It will also try to expand by opening several branches across the city and even spread to other neighbouring towns.
Italy has been chosen as the best place to start the business. The country is a peninsula that covers an area of about 302, 400 km2 (Sassoon, 2014). The Mediterranean Sea covers the nation, which has a population of approximately 60 million. It is regarded as a capitalist mixed economy whereby it ranks as the eighth largest in the whole world. It has a GDP 0f $2.213 trillion and per capita of about $36, 191 (Sassoon, 2014). The country’s climate is predominantly Mediterranean; that is, there are very cold winters in the northern part of the nation, whereas summers are relatively warm. Nevertheless, there is milder climate in the central area, whereas in the islands together with the south, the climates are not very severe.

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