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Participative Leadership Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)


This paper discusses different aspect of participative leadership style is the management


Participative Leadership
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Participative Leadership
Participative leadership is similar to democracy. In this leadership style followers are at liberty to make key decisions. There is a notable challenge on how to use leadership styles effectively to enhance the workers' performance with the aim to achieve the company’s goals. The poor performance of the employee has been a challenge over the last few decades. Most of the companies facing this kind of problem is as a result of inappropriate leadership style applied. A type of a leadership style mostly affects formulation as well as the implementation of the policies. Mostly, a leader who integrates the participative leadership style has a significant potential of enhancing the performance of the workers thus high profits(Rawlinson, 2019). Moreover, it has consultative behavior which goes to the extent of soliciting ideas from the subordinates before making a sensitive decision, but they still have the authority to make the final decision. A leader, who possesses participative style, can comfortably incorporate subordinate in their ideas through preparation, decision making and the implementation of policies. Previous studies have proven a linear correlation between path-goal leadership theory and the employees’ commitment which enhances the performance in a workplace
In today’s world, there are rapid changes in the workplace. The most critical aspect of participative leadership style is the management consultation with the subordinate before drawing a conclusion of the company’s crucial decision. Consequences of a decision have the potential to affect the productivity as well as the employees. It is, therefore, crucial to bring subordinate on board during the decision making regarding the future of the company which helps to build a positive relationship between employers and leaders. Involving employees in the decision-making process, helps a leader to gain respect while at the same time they instill a sense of accountability in the work force. Another advantage associated with this style is trust. Involving workers in decisions concerning the future of the company brings transparency in the workplace. Also, performance and self-motivation of employees depend significantly on the type of leadership style in use.

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