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Social Media Marketing Business & Marketing Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


An essay on social media marketing


Social media marketing and its impact on small SME
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Marketing refers to the activity of a business, promoting itself to sell its services. With the advent of technology came a new way of reaching out to new customers despite their locations. Social media marketing refers to a scenario whereby a business franchise advertises its services or products through the use of various online platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, among others. Social media has a significant impact when it comes to attracting customers in that; the ability to appeal to a new set of individuals without necessarily meeting them makes it a powerful tool. To small and medium-sized enterprises, social media comes in as the bridge through which the franchises can grow to meet the expected objectives. This paper is going to give an insight into social media marketing and its impacts on small and medium-sized enterprises, basing its arguments on several sources as primary reference materials.
Social media marketing and its application in small firms.
Social media marketing involves the use of various platforms to connect with the targeted audience to build a brand, drive website traffic, and increase sales. A primal aspect of social media marketing is the setting of various goals and objectives that are to be obtained through social is essential that the business sets goals on Parameters that will constitute a real impact on the business. According to the authors of small business smarts, for any growing start-ups, it is essential to have a framework guiding marketing on various social media platforms. (O’Leary et al. 2011). In so doing, the SME will ensure that their objective is to get customers instead of acquiring likes upon posting content.
Human beings are a forgetful species; therefore, it is upon business to ensure it remains relevant by creating content that reminds the audience of its presence. Creating a social media calendar is essential for a firm as it helps the business to be able to post the right material to the right social platform at the time. According to VanRysdam, a social media calendar is essential to a small business as it enables the business to remain relevant to its customers through constant appeal (VanRysdam 2010). In so doing, the company will ensure that their customers are in continuous engagement with them developing a relationship which ultimately is beneficial

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