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Selling Techniques Business & Marketing Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


A report on various selling techniques


Selling Techniques: Their Advantages and Disadvantages.
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Selling techniques are methods that sales professionals use to generate revenue. Having sales skills up your sleeves can be the difference between business success and business failure. Everyone has selling techniques but other techniques work better than others. Selling techniques evolve with emergence of new information and technology. Mastering and perfecting a sales technique take a lot of years and requires a lot of experience. Selling has always been hard work and will always continue to be a hard work. The tougher the economy and the increase in competition, the more difficult selling becomes. Mastering sales techniques arts can massively boost your profit margin in your business model. For effective selling, a system approach is required. Roles that enable selling and develop sales capabilities have to be put into place. There are various selling techniques and sales models that can be put into place to boost profits and to attract more customers for both small-scale and large-scale business models. There are traditional sales techniques which are best applied on small scale models. Traditional selling techniques can however limit your success as your business grows larger and whereas small scale deals can be completed with one call, large scale models require many calls made that are spread over months. In this report, I’m going to focus on a few selling techniques, their pros and cons as well as what areas in these techniques that need improvement and how well they can be improved.
Different selling techniques are reviewed separately. In this study I’m going to review SPIN selling, Internal selling, Personal selling as well as Direct selling. I’m going to tackle their impediments and advantages as well as how they can be improved par the findings that led to this report.
PERSONAL SELLING. Personal selling is a method used by businesses entities to convey their brand to business entities. Personal selling is a marketing strategy. Personal selling approach is where a company employs a one-on-one technique. The company’s sales personnel work side by side with clients to recommend the best products and services that match the clients needs. There is direct communication between the client and the company’s sales representative which often leads to immediate closing of deals (Anderson,1996). The primary purposes of personal selling include:
* Maintaining long term relationships with clients of a company.
* Supporting clients who want complex products and deals by giving them detailed information on the deals.
* Giving advice on product displays and implementing sales promotions.

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