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The Relationship Between Marketing Concept and Myopia (Essay Sample)


Marketing concept and myopia.


Marketing myopia is the loss of one's ability to see anything other than oneself or one's own organization. It is a vernacular term for the common tendency among marketers to mistakenly use out-of-date beliefs and perceptions about what they believe potential customers want. Marketing myopia was first briefly mentioned by Philip Kotler in his 1966 book "Marketing Myopia." Its current usage draws on quote from an article published in 1971 entitled "Short-Range Forecasts/Long Range Misgivings" by Theodore Levitt (one of the most cited articles in business), which states that "the more successful firms became at exploiting market.
Marketing concept and myopia.
Marketing concept is a term considered most appropriate for the analogy of love and affection which needs to be marketed and sold by marketers. Marketing usually deals with the services that businesses sell to consumers. A business' marketing concept is different from its corporate mission statement, which defines what it does for a living. It's mainly an internal marketing tool used by the executives to align their workforce in understanding the company objectives.

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