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How Leadership Negatively Affects the Success of a Company (Essay Sample)


the results of a successful companies is sustain from its leadership. leaders have a tremendous impact on company culture. good leadership can be sustain a long-term success. in the other hand, bad leadership can be the results in downfall of the company. thus, the accomplishment of a company is negatively affected by the wrong leadership that will outcome of effectiveness of the company.


How Leadership Negatively Affects the Success of a Company
How Leadership Negatively Affects the Success of a Company
Being a leader in a corporate organization never entails assuming the title of the position. One must inspire the team to complete projects and tasks on schedule and following the company's general objectives. As a result, the sort of leadership of a company has a substantial influence on its performance. Due to a lack of capacity to provide advice to the team, poor leadership leads to a lack of direction. Such situations arise due to their lack of vision and concern for the company's interests (Karabati, 2021). Workers will never be able to grasp their roles and expectations from management if the group's expectations are not clearly defined.
Furthermore, a lack of leadership inside a company leads to poor collaboration and coordination across businesses. The reason for this is that corrupt CEOs are renowned for focusing only on their interests and concerns rather than the company's, resulting in distrust and, as a result, failure. Workers' morale suffers from poor leadership since they have little interest in the company's management (Karabati, 2021). As a result, people quit the company, making it difficult to run a profitable business inside it.
To summarize, all businesses must utilize strategies align

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