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Strengthening The Weaknesses Of Line Managers In Human Resource System (Essay Sample)


Please write a 550 words essay on the following topic:
Strengthen The Weaknesses Of Line Managers In Hr System


Strengthening the Weaknesses of Line Managers in HR System
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Strengthening the Weaknesses of Line Managers in HR System
The current business environment is highly competitive and dynamic. Many changes occur as business organizations respond to market pressures and the need to reorganize their routine activities. Over the past years, situations have forced business organizations to make cost-effective decisions. It is common to pass some of the duties typically performed by human resource managers to line managers. Although many businesses usually perform excellently at the minimal level, operating through line managers has many weaknesses. Some of the weaknesses include competency issues, legal knowledge, and boredom, which can be strengthened through support, opportunities for growth, and incentives.

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