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Search Engine in the Global Business (Essay Sample)


The instructions were to compare and contrast five types of search engines in the world of business, and how the search engines are likely to change in the next five years


Search Engine in the Global Business
Search Engines in the Global Business
Compare and contrast the top five search engines in global business
Technology is one of the fundamental factors in modern business. In particular, the internet has emerged as an important aspect in any given business organization. Perhaps, the importance of the internet in business is amplified with search engines. These are programs that are used in retrieving data from a network or database, especially the Internet. The programs allow users to search for information from the World Wide Web. Undoubtedly, various search engines have been developed since the discovery of the internet technology. However, the most common in the global business include: Yahoo!Search, Google Search, Bing, Ask, and DuckDuckGo.
Yahoo search engine was created almost more than a decade ago. It is fully owned and run by Yahoo Inc. It is second largest search engine globally, after Google. It records query volume of about 6.43% (Emerald, 2012). The search engine has gone through a series of evolutions, before becoming what it is today. Initially, Inktomi powered the searchable index, and later on by Google, before it eventually became independent in 2004. It was updated in 2007 to be in line with the present appearance Yahoo home page. Besides, Search Assist, which offers instantaneous query suggestions, was added. Other features that were added included: SearchScan, Yahoo Directory, Yahoo BOSS, and Yahoo Next. The popularity of Yahoo Search increased in 2009, following the partnership between Yahoo and Microsoft, for the search engine to be powered by Bing. A point to note is that in addition to being a search engine, Yahoo Search is also a serves as a shopping center, news aggregator, games center, horoscope, as well as travel directory (Emerald, 2012).
Google Search, which is owned by Google Inc., is the leading search engine worldwide. It was developed by Sergey Brin and Larry Page in 1997. It is approximated that Google Search handles billions of searches on a daily basis. The program offers numerous preferences for customized search. The major purpose of this search engine is to search for text in freely reachable documents provided by web servers. Perhaps, Google Search’s popularity globally is attributed to the fact that it offers more than 21 distinct features in addition to the word-search capability. Such features include: time zones, weather forecasts, maps, stock quotes, airports, movie showtime, earthquake, sports scores, and home listings (Levene, 2013). It is because of this diversification that Google Search has become to be regarded as the leader of "Spartan searching." However, it does not provide Yahoo!’s shopping center features. In addition to offering a variety of features, like Yahoo!, Google Search offers security to users through its alert message, "This site may harm your computer" (Emerald, 2012)
Bing is the third most popular ...
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