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Search Engine Marketing (Essay Sample)


This paper was addressing search engine marketing and the components as well as techniques that best enhance it. The paper required 2 sources.


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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in reality ensures that websites manage to attract traffic which in return generates profits for the business. This means that search engine results play a huge role in building a website which in turn benefits a business. The link below is an example of a website that will assist in analyzing the concept of search engine marketing and it various components (Rayson, 2013).
The website above, “The Social Media Optimization (SMO) of SEO: 7 Key Steps” employs various components of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It embraces the keywords ‘Social Media Marketing,’ ‘Search,’ ‘SEO,’ ‘Social Media,’ ‘SMO,’ and ‘social media optimization’ which assist the website to appear in search engines when users type these keywords. The other SEO in this website is Meta tags that appear in the form of keywords, to capture the attention of search engines when users type these words. The Meta tags provides information regarding this website like the creator of the page, how often it is updated, and also the keywords represented in the page content (Rayson, 2013).
The website also uses backlinks which are the incoming links that point to a certain website. The site managed to capture quality backlinks like the Barclays bank website, Walden University website, graphics, and Falcon Social. Additionally, the website backlinks connect to popular blogs that focus on social media and online businesses. The content of the website is also SEO which ensures that users get the right information regarding social media optimizing as well as Search Engine Optimization. This generates positive user experiences from the website through comments and reactions. There are several responses and comments that users have forwarded regarding the topic, and this means the website content captures SEO (Rayson, 2013).
In addition, this website includes components improved strategically through the use of Social Media Optimization (SMO). This means that the content created by the website is shareable in social networking sites when users find the information interesting. For instance, there more than 233,341 Facebook likes connected with the website which shows that the site content is sharable. The website captures various social sharing tools that users can use to forward the information to friends in social networking sites. The major social networking sites featured in the website include Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn which creates a platform for distribution this information fast. This website could be optimized further by ensuring that the information is updated regularly. In reality, it is important to update a website often because search engines prefer well-established and developed pages. The idea of consistent and fresh content regularly ensures that a website trustworthiness and reputation grows with time (Rayson, 2013).
The Keywords that would be good tags for this website include Social Media, SMO, Social Media Optimization, and search. This is because these keywords focus on the content and ideas that the website is trying to pass across. The keywords tags ensure that users find the site when they use these words to find relevant information on this topic. This not only attracts traffic to the site but also ensures qualified traffic features from the site generate higher conversion. The users who visit this website share this content with other bloggers, websites, and social sites to generate great results. Tags like “Social Media Optimization” on this website ensure that the website prioritizes on the crucial content and avoid wasting time with unnecessary clutter of information. A keyword like “SEO” manages to capture new markets/users because it expounds on the title and content of the page (Rayson, 2013).
After running a search using these ‘keywords,’ the site appears on the first page of Google rankings. It is at the top three in Google rankings, and this is a sure way of clarifying that it is essential to implement keyword tags. In essence, these keywords are SEO optimized to ensure that they rank highly in Google and other search engines. Users visiting the site can find relevant information on how to enhance their websites with Social Media Optimization in combination with Search Engine Optimization tools. The site gained success because it used keyword appropriately among other SEO components to rank high in Google. This website generates and attracts traffic because its keywords organization features important content that many users would like to access. In addition, there is evidence of backlinks, social media optimization components, and Meta tags that ensure the website is highly optimized. This combination of search engine tools and marketing allows the website to generate more traffic than others with similar content (Rayson, 2013).
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