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Strategies Used to Increase Sales and Profitability (Essay Sample)


strategies usef by different business organizationas in their strive to boost their sales and profitability . all business venture into the market with the key goal of maximazing sales and achieving profitability. this essay paper strive to expplain those strategies and their effectiveness in ensuring sales maximazation and profit generation.


Strategies used to increase sales and profitability
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The major goal of starting any business is to make profits through sales. Profit, or net income, is the amount of money the business has after it takes away all the costs and expenses incurred in the sale and purchase of goods and services. The ability to generate enough sales to make your business profitable can significantly improve the chances for growth. In order to ensure that the business increases its sales and profitability, there are number of strategies that ought to be put in place.
Majorly, there are four key strategies that you could try to maximize the sales revenue and profitability. To start with, the reducing business cost is one of the strategies that play a crucial role in ensuring the increase of sales and profitability of the business CITATION Dan19 \l 1033 (Dang, 2019). In this case, the business strives to buy under low cost with the dream of selling at a profit.
Secondly in this regard, the business can increase it sales and profitability by having clear and well-defined business goals. The first step is defining your goals. Some might laugh at this prospect; surely, all businesses aim to promote growth, to increase their sales, and increase their revenue CITATION Law19 \l 1033 (Lawrence, 2019). But these three targets are not one in the same. For example, increasing your sales does not always lead to an increase in revenue. And promoting growth may require investments which do not initially result in a revenue increase, either.
Moving forward, effective communication with the customers and creating a more incentive in the business also plays a critical role in the same CITATION Mun18 \l 1033 (Mun, 2018). Customers appreciate being heard, and are surprisingly willing to converse with the retailers they buy from. Whether it is

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