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Woman in Business: The Success Raging torrent (Essay Sample)


write a review of the book Women in business: The changing face of leadership written by Werhane, P. H. (2007).


Woman in Business: The Success Raging torrent
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The reading mainly talks about management and the strengths and weaknesses of the employees and employers as a whole. Emphasis is made on the concept of self realization before venturing in any business so as to outline the possibilities of being or not being in the right job. It is made clear to the reader that if you are not the same person in your work place and out of your work place there is a problem. Your character should not be tampered with by the kind of job you do. Your job should be born out of passion not convenience because the possibility of filling not at the right place could cause one trauma in the job practice and the business as a whole tremendous downfall. Business success should be about bringing about change to the business. It is such a challenge to bring about the change and those challenges are the make or break determining factors of the continuity of the business. Managers should be ready to set examples and not seek to control their subject. Instead they should seek to involve them in the management process. Make them feel important and feel as part of the business changing team.
Management is the key factor in any successful business. The managing personnel should set standards in the business to act as the guidelines to what they seek to achieve in the long run. However even after setting the standards, goals and targets, the workout plan should also be their part to demonstrate to the workers. Workers don’t like waking up to find new roles and plans on their desks waiting for them to work out the magic and please the manager. Instead, an involving forum on setting the goals and targets together as a team s more welcomed. Everything the manager does or doesn’t do influences decision making among the workers. That why it is wise for the managers to be part of working things out not imposing duties on the workers and leaving them to struggle with the implementation.
Another key factor is the communication between staff and the seniors. This has been a reason for failure in most business that is not doing well. If the upper docket of managers is inaccessible to employee then it becomes obvious that communication is at its worst.
I had imagined that the managers are the sole decision makers in a business but this text has challenged that idea. Instead I realized that managers are just supporters of what the workers find best for the business. They simply motiva...
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