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SWOT Analysis and Generic Strategy of Asymmetric Holdings (Essay Sample)


For SWOT, write down in single-sentence bullet format – 2 Company Strengths and 2 Company Opportunities in the format exemplified below. Be sure to use single-sentence bullets to earn credit, longer text is unacceptable.
For GS, write down in single sentence bullet format – 1 bullet which tells what the GS strategy is, and 1 bullet that points out why you feel that is their GS strategy. As above, clear, complete, single-sentence answers.
That will give you a total of 4 videos, two with Mark and two with Donna.
Then follow the HW instructions for each – for example, for SWOT, for each company write down 2 company strengths and two opportunities; and for each company write own what their Generic Strategy is, followed wiring down why you think that way.
Below is a very brief sample.
SWOT Example:
ABC Company
2 Strengths
Strong brand name – recognized nationally
Established manufacturing facility – reliable source of product
ABC Company
2 Opportunities
Ship fish to Montana – very few ocean fish available there
Make fish into candy – no fish candy on market currently
GS Example:
XYZ Company
XYZ is using the broad cost leader strategy
The company buys in extremely large quantities and passes on the savings to consumers


SWOT analysis and Generic Strategy of Companies
Student Name
SWOT analysis for Asymmetric Holdings.
* One of the strengths of Asymmetric Holdings is vertical integration. The company has more than forty in-house makers.
* Differentiation of the products. The company has lines of businesses under the same roof, including CT scanning, molding, and automation.
* They are manufacturing small products. They fit in smaller spaces.
* Customers often seek the company for products. Make small swallowable chips like capsules.
GS of Asymmetric Holdings

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