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The Idea of The Space Race (Essay Sample)


Since many nations want to be in power, the main center of concern is the space domain. Space exploration is therefore given utmost importance with regards to the development of new technologies that can be used in the process. Countries like China are known for their role in development of satellites that are unmanned. China, the US, and Russia have invested heavily on space exploration in a bid to maintain space control


The Idea of The Space Race
The Space Race was a competition between the United States and the Soviet Union. The war was between these two cold war rivals and it was solely based on the superiority of each country to achieve spaceflight capability. It was a fight against time between these states. Both wanted to create machines that would roam the airspace before the other. They wanted to create artificial satellites, unmanned space probes, and most importantly, achieve human spaceflight. In the American perspective, the idea of the space race was to create spaceflights which would be used to take men to the moon before The Soviet Union did. President Kennedy main focus and goal was land a man on the moon before the Soviets did. The term space race changed slowly to a race to the moon. Both the United States and the Soviet Union were organized to achieve their respective successes. In the course of events, the Americans publicized some of their undertakings. Only a few were hidden from the general public. For the Soviets, everything was done in secrecy. Nothing was put to public display. Only were successful launches showcased to the public (Royal Museums Greenwich).
Furthermore, the space program is still relevant. Space exploration is still vital. One of the things that make the space program relevant is that new technologies and research are developed daily. As humans, we were not created to go to space but people go there anyway. Without the space program there would not be accurate weather predictions, cameras, GPs and other features. It is through this space program that all the other things developed and got invented. Such features embedded into the space program are essential for human survival (Space Exploration, 2021).

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