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The Time-Robbers of A Virtual Team as Opposed to A Collocated One (Essay Sample)


On any project team, the project manager might face challenges in both schedule and communication management. A schedule management issue that you should be familiar with is the concept of a time-robber (or waster). This refers to activities that take away from the focus on project activities located on the WBS. How would you as a PM, discover and address the time-robbers of a virtual team as opposed to a collocated one? Explain how you would communicate necessary changes to mitigate or eliminate such time-robbers.


The Time-Robbers of A Virtual Team as Opposed to A Collocated One
Strategic and business management skills are essential while running a business organization. Business management skills allow managers to conduct a high-level overview of the institution by implementing critical decisions and actions. Individuals accorded with the role of a project manager should be highly qualified for the particular task. Project managers should be capable of explaining to others the fundamental aspects of a business project. It is appropriate for these managers to work closely with the team members and experts related to the specific field. With this criterion, project managers will achieve significant results in a short while.
Furthermore, an accurate strategy allows the project manager to generate more value from the project. However, there exist common challenges that all project managers anticipate while performing their work. Schedule and communication management issues appear as the most anticipated problems project managers face.
Schedule Management Issue
An effective project schedule allows project managers to achieve their goals on time. Over the last couple of years, several organizations have failed to succeed due to poor management business skills related to schedule management (Dinsmore & Cabanis, 2018). Project managers who have not observed the critical role of scheduling in the recent past can attest that their business's either culminated in failure or later than the anticipated time (Fewings & Henjewele, 2019). Scheduling in project management draws several significant factors by listing actions and milestones to accomplish while performing the project. With a detailed schedule, the project manager minimizes the risks involved. Some of the risks involved include lack of accountability and issues related to budgeting skills.

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