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The importance of flexibility in the workplace (Essay Sample)

Topic: The importance of flexibility in the workplace. Number of pages: 1.5 Number of sources: 3 In 450 words, discuss The importance of flexibility in the workplace. Support your arguments with at least 2 reputable sources. References used must have been published within the last 5 years. The essay must have a cover page and a reference page. source..
The Importance of Flexibility in the Workplace Student’s name Course Institutional Affiliation Instructor’s Name Date The Importance of Flexibility in the Workplace Workplace flexibility characteristically involves employees performing their jobs in ways that suit their responsibilities and lifestyles, in stark contrast to traditional working styles, which are typically rigid and care little about people's social lives. Flexible working is crucial as it meets both employer and employee needs. It is an incredibly effective response strategy to evolving expectations and circumstances at the workplace. Thus, flexibility is a precious currency in business operations. Employers view employees with flexible mindsets as significantly worthwhile actors, while employees consider employers with flexible work settings attractive. Therefore, workplace flexibility is vital since it aids in boosting employee satisfaction, thus lowering worker turnover, and equally enhances organizational productivity, advancing a company's bottom line. Foremost, workplace flexibility increases employee satisfaction hence significantly reducing turnover. Flexible working regimens mean that employees fulfill work objectives using their unique approaches, receive impactful managerial suggestions and praises while getting social concerns via family leaves, sabbaticals, and crucially paid time off work. According to Kröll et al. (2017), flexible work routines that respect employees' social needs result in lower work stress, better work engagement, higher satisfaction, higher morale. Such positive outcomes occur since the employees feel trusted and valued and in control of their work lives. Besides, workers naturally respond with greater loyalty towards the employer, increasing employee retention thus lowering turnover. It's no wonder Berkery et al. (2017) state that granting employees workplace flexibility improves human resource outcomes by averting unnecessary employee recruitment and minimizes training costs. As such, organizations focus on increasing flexibility to keep employees in peak satisfaction. Undoubtedly, workplace flexibility is a bane to organizations, improving employee satisfaction thus curbing turnover. Additionally, flexibility in the workplace optimizes organizational productivity considerably, thus boosting company bottom lines. Optimizing organizational productivity means maximizing employee productivity while minimizing overhead costs. Savić (2020) states that most flexible workplaces have minimal overhead costs such as office leases through emerging technologies such as remote working and telecommuting. Implementing these novel technological working styles saves employees significant travel time that is later spent improving their physical and mental wellness. Consequently, employees achieve peak performance, aiding the company in boosting net earnings. Essentially, workplace flexibility optimizes company productivity via better-performing employees, thus increasing net income...
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