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The Indian Caste System Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)


The task involved comparing and constrasting the merits and demerits of the indian caste culture, then developing a final opinion on whether it should be upheld or eradicated.


The Indian Caste Culture
Conventionally, the Indian caste culture segregates the Hindu community into five primary classes; the Shudras, Vaishyas, Kshatriyas, Brahmins, and the Dalits. Every caste is informed by particular occupations. The Indian caste system grants particular privileges to the upper caste members and denies the same privileges to lower caste members. Furthermore, the autonomous Indian constitution banned caste-based discrimination in 1950. In the recent past, emerging urbanization and secular education have suppressed the caste system. However, the caste culture still remotely manifests itself in employment and political spheres where the socioeconomic backgrounds indirectly inform qualifications. The Indian caste culture has several merits and some advantages.
The constitution of the Indian caste system segregates the individuals in society into various social classes, which majorly benefits the upper caste but oppresses the lower caste. The upper caste include the Brahmins majorly composed of teachers and priests and the Kshatriyas which encompasses the rulers and warriors (“What is India’s caste system?” 2019). The middle caste entails the Vaishyas which includes merchants, traders, and farmers. Furthermore, the lowest caste encompasses Shudras predominantly signified by laborers and Dalits, which includes latrine cleaners and street sweepers (“What is India’s caste system?” 2019). Caste culture is typically perceived as regressive and unjust since it forces individuals into constrained social hierarchies which are unescapable (Moss, 2018). Similarly, the system provides the upper caste members with more socioeconomic and political growth opportunities while marginalizing the lower caste members.

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