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The Social Sphere and Its Issues Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)


major:costume designing
Select a large class (I selected social), and select two points from the word document to describe all aspects


The Social Sphere and Its Issues
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The Social Sphere and Its Issues
The fashion industry is a multibillion initiative that has currently become a global sector dictating modern design that meets apparel demands. The fashion industry is composed of five separate and different levels that include; luxury wear, mainstream clothing, haute culture, discount clothing and affordable luxury wear. The first fashion company was started in Paris, and since that period, many companies have sprouts globally making the fashion industry one of the industries accommodating one out of six people in the world. However, the industry has globalized; research has shown that a great percentage of workers in the Fashion industry are women; example; in China women form 70 percent of garments workers, Bangladesh- 85 percent while Cambodia its 90 percent (The Danish Fashion Institute, 2017). Additionally, workers in garments receive the lowest compensations monthly making them live below the poverty level. Comprehensive knowledge of the social sustainability sphere can be drawn from the review and evaluation of both workers’ rights and child labor.

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