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Understanding the Process of Generating Strategic Planning (Essay Sample)


To summarize the work requirements, you will be expected to identify issues that need strategic planning and create feasible ways to lead and direct the actions necessary to resolve any organizational concerns that have emerged as a result of your investigation. Some videos and other articles may help you learn more about how strategic planning affects both the implementation of new initiatives and the creation of new initiatives.
In particular, the purpose of this essay is to illustrate in great detail the significance of strategic planning in a business context. Also brought to light are several internal issues inside the company, emphasizing the necessity for establishing strategic planning processes. A lack of full commitment, a hesitation or inability to accept changes inside the company, a lack of qualified executives, and a failure to consider the realities of the market are just a few of the issues that may arise. This article also discusses how to cope with the issues that have been raised in the parts that have before this one.
One of the stages in this approach is to define the problem, which is an example of one of the steps in this method. Performing a SWOT analysis, identifying numerous alternatives, conducting market research, soliciting feedback from mentors and the team are just a few steps involved in strategic planning and execution. Other steps include:
Using a decision-making model to track key metrics.
Keeping track of one's cash flow.
Implementing lean planning for agile execution, among other things.
After that, it goes into detail about the role that strategic planning can play in a variety of situations, including assisting in the management of the current economic crisis and keeping up with globalization, adapting to change, strategizing visionary in change management, and creating a learning organization that results in better outcomes, among other things.


Strategic planning process generation
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Strategic planning process generation
Organizations use strategic planning to stay on track in the face of a changing environment. Priority setting, energy and resource concentration, operational strengthening, and consensus on desired outcomes/results are all components of strategic planning; a management activity used to keep organizations on track (Jayawarna & Dissanayake, 2019). These fundamental decisions and behaviors shape and affect the character of an organization and the kind of individuals that work for and are served by it. This work is mostly concerned with the future. An organization's effectiveness depends on its ability to articulate clearly defined goals and objectives and the actions undertaken to accomplish those goals (Jayawarna & Dissanayake, 2019). This paper will focus on the problems that require strategic planning, reasonable methods to solve the problems, and strategic planning in change management.
Problems that usually need strategic planning
One organization problem requiring strategic planning is not understanding the working environment or focusing on the results. Team members in charge of planning may neglect to keep up with changes in the corporate environment, resulting in missed opportunities (Griffin, Phillips & Gully, 2016). The other problem is partial commitment. Owners/CEOs/presidents of companies may refuse complete commitment and fail to grasp the benefits of a strategic plan since it's difficult to remain dedicated to the process without this information (Griffin, Phillips & Gully, 2016). Another problem is not having the right people in the organization who can execute the strategic plan.
Furthermore, unwillingness and inability to adopt the change within the organization is another problem that requires strategic planning for its success (Griffin, Phillips & Gully, 2016). Having the wrong people within the leadership position can also become a problem and require strategic planning. Managers need to be able to make difficult choices to place the appropriate people in key leadership roles. Some of the "correct" people are those who will promote and support the strategic plan, as well as those who will keep the business on the course (Griffin, Phillips & Gully, 2016).
Also, ignoring the marketplace reality, facts and assumptions is another problem that requires strategic planning. The majority ignores market realities and overlook prospective issues since they have not affected your company (Griffin, Phillips & Gully, 2016). Preparation is key to surviving a tidal encroachment, and failure to do this results in a bigger problem. Having unrealistic goals or lack of focus is another big problem within the organization, and it requires strategic planning. There must be a reasonable number of goals, objectives, and programs included in strategic plans. Many are nebulous. Therefore, fewer are preferable. Be ready to provide sufficient resources to achieve the plan's goals and objectives as well. Keeping an eye out for these hazards can help you develop an effective planning process, establish future company goals, and increase your strategy's likelihood of successfully implementing (Griffin, Phillips & Gully, 2016). Being not accountable within the organization is another problem that results in mismanagement and requires strategic planning to withstand all the pitfalls.
Top ten reasonable methods for solving the organization problems
Below is a discussion of well-explained methods of solving the organization's problems.
Problem definition
The temptation to create a remedy as soon as a problem emerges is strong. A plan that doesn't address the root cause of the issue will be ineffective, so be sure to look into it carefully before doing anything. You may be just addressing the symptoms. For example, if you see a decline in sales from new consumers, your initial instinct may be to put up an advertising strategy to improve visibility (Sekaran & Bougie, 2019). Reduced sales may be a sign of something more serious, but they may also be a symptom. When defining the issue, be careful not to lose sight of the bigger picture. If you're dealing with a major problem, you'll want to approach it from several directions.
Competition: Your sales may be affected by a competitor's marketing or price strategies. Is your market seeing fresh entrants? What strategies do they use to promote their goods or services?
Business Model: The answer to this question is yes or no. Is it possible to develop as quickly as you want? What are your thoughts on experimenting with various price and costing strategies?
Market factor: Are your consumers and sales being impacted by global events and the state of the U.S. economy?
The team: Is there anything preventing your group from succeeding? What resources and tools do they have at their disposal to help them succeed?
Goal alignment: What is the aggregate target of your group? Is your staff mindful of your short-and long-haul business objectives ordinarily and clearly? Quite a few procedures might be utilized to manage a critical business issue. Ensure you have a full perspective on what's happening before going through cash and assets on bandage cures (Sekaran & Bougie, 2019). Your business may, as of now, be spending more on publicizing than its rivals in case it is entirely inspected. Subsequently, there's a correspondence hole in your association, bringing about fumbled new clients and in this manner lost pay. If you attempt to build the openness of your image, you'll go through more cash in a space where you, as of now, dominate (Sekaran & Bougie, 2019). An absence of correspondence inside the business might bring about more prominent misfortunes if forthcoming clients are lost.
Conducting a SWOT analysis
All successful companies assist their clients in some way. Maybe your company's issue is an opportunity or even a strength when looked at from another perspective. If that's the case, you should perform a SWOT analysis to find out. Strategic planning using SWOT is a fantastic way to get different perspectives on an issue before spending resources to address it (Sekaran & Bougie, 2019). If you're having trouble figuring out the source of your problem, this may assist you in quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business. Using your findings, you may next identify any potential opportunities or dangers to help jump-start a solution.
Identifying multiple solutions with design thinking
Consider utilizing the design thinking approach if you're having difficulty coming up with a solution. Groups charged with addressing major community problems often use this approach. A varied group is thus required to solve a problem since it asks for their involvement, and there are many points of view and solutions as a consequence (Sekaran & Bougie, 2019). This methodology establishes configuration thinking, which incorporates applying your organization's skill to an issue on the lookout (Sekaran & Bougie, 2019). Consider discovering normal prerequisites both inside the organization and in reality, and afterward making answers for fulfilling those necessities instead of attempting to handle the most difficult issues (Sekaran & Bougie, 2019). Regarding tending to business issues, this infers searching for arrangements that address the basic causes—you're considering the entire picture.
Conduct market research and customer outreach
A small business Market research and customer outreach aren't something entrepreneurs, and startups can undertake once and be done with. To solve a problem, go back to when you did extensive market research or studied the competitors in depth (Sekaran & Bougie, 2019). Researching your customers and the market doesn't necessarily lead to solutions that work, and many companies are puzzled by conflicting facts and unsure how to proceed. However, putting in the time and effort to gather the information that will help you better understand your target market will be well worth it (Sekaran & Bougie, 2019). Customers may also be a great source of feedback. You've been given a gift if you can keep yourself from taking criticism personally. Keep in touch with your customers and keep an eye on your competition even when things are tough. As a result, survey potential customers and create a competitive matrix.
Seek input from your team and mentors
Your SWOT or design thinking job won't be as effective if you perform it by yourself. People will be more likely to speak out if they feel free to voice their problems, views, and ideas (Sekaran & Bougie, 2019). You'll be able to move more quickly and effectively as a result of their suggestions. Bring your team into the conversation if you have one. When you employ someone to be an expert, you want them to understand the subject matter thoroughly. Please take advantage of their knowledge to help you discover the root causes of issues and possible solutions. At the very least, you should get a mentor if you're going into the company independently. A free business mentor is available via organizations such as score if you don't already have one. You may also benefit from working with a strategic business advisor if you lack the financial knowledge required to operate a firm (Sekaran & Bougie, 2019). Diverse groups outperformed those comprised only of highly competent problem solvers when it came to solving issues. Instead of surrounding yourself with individuals who alre...

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