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Aurality in Media Research Assignment Paper (Essay Sample)


This short paper will critically examine, analyze and assess the sonic elements or acoustic context of a chosen cultural work. This could be a gallery exhibition of visual art, a popular (or not so popular) TV show, a night out at the cinema, or a public art installation.


Aurality in Media
Aurality is an important topic in media studies because it helps in identifying noise. Some of the noise experienced during an event comes due to social and cultural norms, and a number of these are inevitable. Nonetheless, the aurality of an experience may be affected by certain emergencies like power blackouts. This paper attempts to critically analyze aurality before, during, and after a movie.
The sound of the theater has a bit of murmuring in the beginning as the audience is coming in and booking seats for friends and family. The murmuring is often experienced in theaters because the audience may not know what to expect, and so they discuss their anticipation (Evangelopoulos et al., 2013). On the other hand, some of them may have watched the trailer and try to explain what will unfold in the movie. Such noise is expected, and it is healthy because it cools down the tension in the theater (Grajeda, 2016).
During the movie, the theater is extremely silent, and the only sounds that come up are those of dismay. Some members of the audience are too afraid when main characters get in trouble, and they make noises that express their fear of death of such a character (Grajeda, 2016). Apart from the noises from the noise emanating from the audience, the movie itself makes the most noise at this time. The noise from the movie is important because it brings the audience into the action.
The aurality of the movie is evident right from when the movie begins. The sounds mostly come from women when they see a fancy house, cute twins, an expensive car, a well-built man among other things. The noises from women are the most prevalent noises as the movie plays, and one can assume that there are no men in the theater. However, areas that have a lot of suspense prompted men to say a few words, most of which were cursing words or vulgar.
The space my experience is taking place also had some noise from outside. The sound was not as disturbing, but it was a constant noise in the space that could not pass one's attention. On inquiry, I found out that the noise came from the theater's generator. The reason is that the there was a problem with the lights, and the movie was already advertised so canceling it would have damaged the reputation of the theater.
Another sound that catches the ear during the movie is the faded sound of vehicles hooting. The time of the event lends to this particular aurality because it took place from six o'clock in the evening. Normally, this is the time when people are coming from work, and so there is a lot of hooting as they try to get past traffic (Evangelopoulos et al., 2013). For this reason and timing, some sounds are evident but they do not affect the movie, and one has to be very keen to notice them. The timing of the event is the main reason why some of these sounds capture my attention, but they are not disturbing noises.
As mentioned in the paragraph above, culture relates to some of the noises heard during the event. According to culture, people are expected to work from eight in the morning up to five in the evening (Grajeda, 2016). For this reason, scores of people are always heading home at around five or six in the evening after a hard day’s work. On the other hand, the organizers of the movie planned that the movie is shown at this time, and so the noise influenced by culture was bound to e experienced.
The movie’s aurality does not suffer from historical practices or shifts of the same. As the essay explains, some of these noises are inevitable because they come as a result of emergencies (Grajeda, 2016). For example, after the lights go out, it is obvious that the management will switch on the back-up generator so that the audience can continue watching the movie. For this reason, o...
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