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Communications Assignment: Human Resource Management (Essay Sample)


Discuss human resource management


Human Resource Management
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The Management of Human Resource
Human resource department in any given firm is the fundamental icon that determines the quality of human personnel employed in the organization. However, the welfare of the employee defines the efforts of making life worth living for working personnel.  But the welfare of employee is an inclusive term counting a range of benefits, services, in addition to facilities offered to human resources by the employers.
Through these generous trimming benefits, the company makes life attraction living for workers. The welfare facilitates in maintaining the motivation and the morale of the human resources high to retain the workers for a longer period. The worker welfare comprises of monitoring of conditions of working, the creation of industrialized harmony by the infrastructure for healthiness, insurance against sickness and accident as well as industrial relations. Consequently, there are principles of providing welfare facilities by the Human resource manager that guides the person in charge in offering those services. Therefore, this paper shall identify and explain them in detail as below.
First, the service must satisfy authentic requirements of the human resources.  This entails that the administrator should first agree on what exactly the needs of the employee are with the dynamic contribution of employees. This consideration will enable efficient and effectiveness in the welfare services (Dean, Zikic, Noh & Sargent, 2017).
The second consideration is that the service must be handled by the approach of the cafeteria. This is because of difference in age, Sex, the number of children, marital status, the category of the job as well as the income rank of workers; since there is a huge disparity in their preference of a definite gain.  This is recognized as the approach of cafeteria.  Such a technique individualizes the gain system although it could be complicated to control as well as administer.
The third consideration is that the Human resource manager should not take for granted a compassionate posture. This must be among the primary consideration as all people at one time will have to experience difficult moments in their life after losing the loved ones. Therefore, the welfare scheme should consider significantly.
The fourth consideration by Human resource manager in making decision is the cost of service must be worked out along with its financing recognized on a resonance basis. The entire financial consideration will assist the limits of financial constrains when offering welfare services. When there is a steady established source of funds, the Human resource manager will not suffer the financial setbacks which would lead to misunderstanding between the employer and the employees (Chelladurai & Kerwin, 2017).
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