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Communications and Video Accessibility Research Paper (Essay Sample)


the task was about the impact of communications and video accessibility act to the accessibility of television programs to people with disabilities.

The Communications and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA) focuses on ensuring that the communication and media services, equipment, content, new modes of transmission and emerging technologies are accessible to users with disabilities. (Smith, 2013). The act requires that manufacturers and the service providers of communication technology provide technology that if achievable is accessible to all people even those with disabilities. The act specifies the access to communication to increase the scope of communication services and the equipment that enables disabled users to access information and video programming requiring the enforcement of regulations for making video programming equipment, and services accessible to disabled users.
The technologies used for the accessibility in television are; captioning referring to the text of the spoken part of a television program. This aids the hearing impaired people and also applies where the audio cannot be heard due to the noise in the environment or in an environment that must be kept quiet such as a hospital. Audio description, on the other hand, is a means to inform individuals with low vision or those who are totally blind, or those with low vision about the visual content important for understanding. It is the narration added to the soundtracks in order to describe the important visual details that may not be understood from the main soundtrack alone. They can include extra information about the characters, actions, changes in scenes, on-the-screen texts and other visual content. These are usually added during the existing pauses in the conversation.
The requirements of the CVAA act ...
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