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What Is Media Violence, Effects Of Media On The Juvenile System, Crimes Done By Different Genders (Essay Sample)


What is media violence, effects of media on the juvenile system, crimes done by different genders


Media Violence
Media Violence
Media violence is defined as the use of media devices that include television, radios, mobile handsets through movies, games, music and the internet to showcase the cases of real life violence. The display promotes aggressive behavior among adolescents and desensitization across the different age groups. Media violence is closely linked to cases of youth violence. The results are derived from the exposure to violent video games and movies in general. Aggression is the behavior a person exhibits with an intention to harm another person. Various forms of aggression are punching, writing, saying or using abusive languages with a sole intention of inflicting pain on the other person. Media violence has short term and long term effects. First the Adolescent exposure to media violence leads to hardening and an increase in tolerance and anti-social behavior. Youth violence has resulted in injuries and some cases deaths. The results have directly or indirectly led to the loss of an approximated 158 billion each year (Barker & Petley, 2013). Homicides cases have been on a steady increase among youths between 1-24 years of age all are as a result of media violence.
Inclusion in gang databases leads to harsher sentences. Gang databases contain intelligence information about a person as being an affiliated and active gang member. Names are included in the database without even having been accused or arrested for any crimes. If a person is taken to a court and the name found in the gang database, harsher sentences and the person may also receive a gang enhancement that means serving more time in prison if prosecuted.
Media has a detrimental effect on the juvenile justice system. The murder of James Bulger in U.K by two ten-year-old boys enhanced absolute media frenzy on a national and international scale. The interaction between the public, government, and media all worked to the impairment of the children rights. The media coverage during the pre-trial profoundly affected the public opinion. This only served to the detrimental of the juvenile rights and hence harsher judgment instead of allowing a sound decision to be made. Thus, media coverage influenced the general feeling of the prosecutors, judges and correction employees (Neamtu, 2010). The overall effect of media is negative. Media sources only cover the evidence provided while neglecting the view point of the offender that may be justified. Workers of the juvenile justice system should receive cultural diversity training. The essence of the practice is to limit the discrimination and exclusion of the juvenile offenders. The cultural diversity training will ensure that the workers understand the different cultures of the offender thus help define racial profiling an equal treatment of the offenders.
There exist similarities and differences between girls and boys offenders. There are a large number of boys offenders than girls offenders in crimes such as drug trafficking and robbery with violence. Girls are likely to receive lesser sentencing times than their male counterparts. Female offenders operate on their own. If women decide to form a group - it is relatively small (Russell, 2012). Males get involved in delinquent gangs and criminal subcultures. Males are more dominant and likely to participate in lucrative crimes as compared to women who are driven by instincts.
Most of the major sex crimes are committed towards the females by male offenders. The primary reason being men using physical force against their female counterparts hence making them unable to defend themselves. Female rates of crimes have increa...
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