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Impacts Of The Media In The Society Research Assignment (Essay Sample)


The Essay was about identifying the revolution of technology and the impacts to the media , the benefits and the negative influence of technology in the society.


Impacts Of The Media In The Society
Technology has contributed to the dramatic change of our culture and norms in the last century .Technology has changed our forms of communication and have influenced the popular culture which has become more segmented. Introduction of smart television, YouTube, podcasts and other individualized social media applications have influenced the way we dress and communicate. The media is becoming popular day by day since they create a sense of connection since people feel they share the same important similarities (Markowitz, 2010).
Social media and the internet have the same power as a nuclear bombs in our current time. They have the power to change or shape human behavior. The tools can be used to create awareness in case of emergencies since the information spreads fast. Social media can also be used to spread rumors or misinform the public.
Televisions, smart phones, computers have caused isolation and addiction to technology. Social isolation has been caused by these devices. People prefer to stay indoor to watch television play games or listen to music all day. Social isolation affects the society since people cannot meet in social activities to interact. They prefer interacting online with strangers. Technology has caused to people to depend on technology in their daily activities (Markowitz, 2010).
Mainstream media like newspapers magazines, movies and radio have contributed to the isolation of people. Movies are said to be an outstanding experiment on humanity and they have corrupted and hypnotized minds of millions of people. Television has proven a powerful tool of mind control since most young people watch television nearly all day. These devices have robed our generation of critical thinking, creativity, political awareness, focus and determination in their future lives.
Some disease like obesity and diabetes have emerged due to lack of social and physical interaction. Isolation in the house due to these media have brought about th...
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