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Policies Based on Market Based, Self Regulated Solutions are the Best Way to Adress Canadas Media Industries and Cultural Needs (Essay Sample)


This assignment is designed to teach you how to effectively use evidence in support of your argument, the value of precise language, and how to identify and emphasize important points. Writing an Op-Ed is an exercise in rhetoric, persuasion, and the logic of argumentation.


Policies Based on Market Based, Self Regulated Solutions are the Best Way to Adress Canada’s Media Industries and Cultural Needs
Television, newspapers and the internet are powerful modes of passing information hence the need to fight for freedom in this market. Efficiency is important in media productions; there is no way this is going to be possible with a governing body that restrains the media.
The media industry in Canada is ever growing, and the need to be self regulatory is still in place. Should outside entities like the government or private stakeholders contribute to whatever the media puts out there? No. There is a thin line between telling the truth and telling a lie and hence the strong opposition from the outside. A broadcasting company or newspaper does not need guidelines on how to structure the news so that it pleases anyone.
The independence of media companies is what makes them unique and transparent when presenting their news. When another body comes in to regulate the media, there will be speculation of what is true and what is not. The public interest is by far one of the forces that drive the media and without freedom of self regulation then the public interest tag will lose meaning.
It is the work of the media to inform, educate and entertain, there should be no alteration to that, when the newspapers job is to tell like it is and the government comes in and alters the information it is not right. Every media consumer wants impartial news and information, not curtailed information to please a certain entity. Freedom for self regulation is what Canada needs .The interrelation between media organizations and policy makers should not be so stringent in that one party favors itself more. If Canada is going to be a media free country, then self regulation for the sake of audiences is vital.
Forcing a media company to comply to set of rules that make no sense then that is gagging the media. News on politics will be partial as there will be an expected set or rules to be followed, that is not news, it is selection of information to be put out there. The policy makers that seek to control the media will frequently argue that the media uses its powers just to get their needs enforced. It is not true; on the contrary some policy makers use the opportunity of media regulation to get positive or favorable outcomes.
The general tradition in Canada is trust in the media market that is why the public should not be denied that. The media today has become very complex, and to be honest policy makers cannot guarantee effectiveness and competency of any intervent...
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