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Communication Research Communications & Media Essay (Essay Sample)


Instructions from client-
Hi there, The Topic or Research Question can be anything related to communication and media but it need to be approval by the lecture before it written. Therefore, is it possible for you to do the research proposal attachment first, send to me and once it get approve. Then, you can start writing the whole literature. Literature Review (1,500 words) Conduct extensive library research in Communication and Media. Select between five to eight articles from peer-reviewed journals in Communication and Media that are relevant to your research topic. Write a critical review of these articles by identifying their research rationales, theoretical perspectives, methodologies, research findings, as well as analysing the strengths and weaknesses of the articles. Based on your review, identify a research gap and then formulate a research question of your own. Instructions: Your written Literature Review should include the following: A title o Your research topic or research question Introduction (100 words) o Briefly introduce your research topic, aim and structure of your lit review. Body (1,200 words) o Organise your review of the literature either by theme, historical background, or theoretical perspective; o Identify research rationales, findings and methodological approaches of these articles; and o Critically analyse the strengths and limitations of the articles. Conclusion (200 words) o Summarise the main points of your review, and o Propose a research question(s) that is logically developed from your critical review of the literature. References o A minimum of 6 sources o You can use either Chicago Style Sheet, APA, or MLA, but you must be consistent in your choice of style both in the in-text referencing and the Bibliography. write a topic on "How can (Country name) governments help promote freedom of speech in the mass".


How the United State of America government can help promote freedom of speech in the mass.
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Freedom of speech is the very foundation of basic human rights and democracy. Recognition of the right to dispense opinion freely is the basis of any democratic regime and any effort to obstruct it is an indicator of disregard for human rights. (Bhagwat, 2016) This literature review aims at critically reviewing scholarly articles on the role of the US government in promoting freedom of speech based on the theme and theoretical perspectives hence identify a research gap in the process.
Implementation of the First Amendment.
The first amendment of the United States constitution states that congress shall not formulate laws inhibiting the exercise of the people’s freedom of speech, or abridging the freedom of speech of the press and the people to appeal to the government for consideration of grievances. (, 2019) There has always been a conservative and liberal opinion as to how the First Amendment should be implemented by the government, and the controversy always surface during rulings of supreme court cases. Conservatives argue that there should be limitations to the constitution protection of free speech, while liberals advocate for total freedom to express oneself. (Zuckert, 2018) In the past, there been incidents where courts rule against people on account of low-value speech, a term highly influence by Justice Frank Murphy during Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire.

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