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Communications & Media
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Determining Racial Injustices and Trademark Protection (Essay Sample)


Communication Law
instructions: determne racial injustices and trademark protection
four sources required
Cases of racial injustice have erupted not once under the free-market trademark which has led to the manipulated presentation of trades in an unrealistic manner (Acluva, 2015). Various firms have made the extent of majoring their advertisements based on racial grounds which may prove ineffective in any given undertaking. This has eventually led to peace disruption in various states as the minority group tries to regain their trade power in the market. Having such an approach, there would be flaws and loopholes to cover when it comes to the free-market approach.


Communication Law
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Trademark protection carries with it a wide scope of considerations, incorporation the social divergence of tradesmen and the general view of consumers' independence. Considering the social and racial justice regarding the immoral, scandalous, or disparaging remarks, the government regulation on trademarks is better placed to regulate the independence of the various trademark. 

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