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Effects Of Mass Media On Humanity Ideologies And Communications (Essay Sample)


the task was to evaluate effect of mass media on people, how it affects (positively or negatively) HUMAN ideologies. the sample is trying to evaluate the mass media impacts on peoples' thinking and ways of INTERACTING

Mass Media and Communication Name Institution Effects of Mass Media on People’s Ideologies First I strongly support that argument that mass media have a greater impact in people’s thinking and reasoning. This is because every rational human will always get full or partial disclosure of information from different tools including mass media. These include variety in type such as TV, radio, or newspaper and freedom of information is one way to celebration the accessibility of the information that people receives every day. Merits for accessing mass media have made it easy for some people to spread ideas since this is one of the quickest ways to reach different people. For instance, news through TV or radio is able to be reached to different people within a short period of time since it only needs a strong network infrastructure in terms of frequencies. Mass media also comes with laziness or lack of mental quickness to grasp on a new ideas since it is statistically confirmed that most people spend between three to six hours a day listening and watching TV, radio and reading newspapers. Nowadays, mass media has even made it easier through internet to access news through handsets. This is because it is cheaper and easily accessed by many people from different places. Technological advancement has led to spread of mass media usage since many people can nowadays hold different social or official meeting using telecommunications such as Skype and video chats. Shaping human ideas through mass media is directly correlated to human brain functionality. According to scientists, human being’s brain is continuously working to absorb different information and times try to keep the unrecorded information. Hence, mass media helps to shape the human thinkin...
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