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Group Communication Writing Assignment Communications & Media Essay (Essay Sample)


Watch and analyze this video of three conversations, using concepts covered in the reading and modules for this lesson. You might want to watch the video more than once to note all the verbal and nonverbal behaviors:


Group Communication Writing Assignment
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Group Communication Writing Assignment
Part 1
Undoubtedly, the conversation climate can change over time. The climate in a conversation can change due to verbal and nonverbal elements of communication. The climate in the first conversation is triggered by both non-verbal as well as verbal. The main non-verbal aspects include eye contact, voice, distance, and overall body language. The first speakers maintained considerable eye contact throughout the conversation. The two speakers spoke in relatively lower tones, which somehow calmed the climate throughout the conversation. At given points, the climate appeared to be heated, mainly when the speakers used expressions like ‘I should never have asked”. Either of the speakers would say that they had no problem and that they are glad they were able to ask. This also made the question of marital status and parenting a crucial part of the conversation.
The distance between the two speakers in the first conversation helped to define the relationship between the speakers, thus defining the climate of the conversation. The last is the overall body language. The speakers often moved their bodies in a way to show approval and disapproval. These body movements were also used to express the unspoken emotions of the two speakers. Overall, these nonverbal elements shaped the conversation climate throughout the conversation time.

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