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Social Media in Identity development. Communications & Media Essay (Essay Sample)


the role of media in forming identity


Social Media in Identity development
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Social Media in Identity development
Social Network is winning more importance in the current world, that has a great impact on society. Social media allow identity expression, experimentation, and exploration; sharing content, interactions, and expressing one's opinions has been made easier through internet access to these social platforms. Through social media platforms, users are enabled to come together and take part in interaction and communication processes. They can help other uses to answer questions, help users receive answers for questions from other users, and receive replies and opinions from other users. Digitalization and convergence of technologies allow data, mass, and audio communication to occur on the same channel (Grasmuck, Martin, & Zhao, 2009). This has allowed users to be connected and have public contact with both unknown and known users. Users also can view a variety of information on media platforms. The technological advance event enables quick data transfer, acquisition of information, and sharing of information, which has led to the "information age." The modern interactive level of the media allows the sharing of events and photographs among users and friends and uploading and following online users' profiles, which has led to the creation of "digital identity."
Modernization has made people have a more systematic and interactive platform. They are enabled to share life stories, opinions, profiles, and files. In some cases, the files and information uploaded on social media platforms are usually fake and false, which give rise to diverse attitudes and numerous identities. In the same way, people tend to conform and align themselves to each piece of news that is relied on the media (Lenhart, 2012). In this way, social media platforms come along with different labels, inequalities, and discrimination.

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