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THE FUTURE OF MEDIA Communications & Media Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


The digital news platforms are the new instant avenues for fake news and since people do not believe the old media, curtailing fake news will be difficult since people believe the new media more


Media and Fake News
Pablo Boczkowski is saying that the effects of fake news on the current climate of information cause unnecessary commotion, stress, leading the public to elicit stressful reactions in their reactions. He asserts that the publishers of fake news take advantage of the prevailing situations and create believable yet untrue news that they disseminate to the consumers of news. The aim of the people peddling fake news is to spread misinformation, and to redirect the thinking and the force of the public. The effects of fake news are damaging to the public because they create an environment of pessimism and an environment that flourishes in misinformation (Boczkowski, & In Papacharissi, 2018). 
Boczkowski asserts that the greatest problem is that the media that spreads the real and fake news is the same media. One of the greatest worries stated by Boczwoski is the media or the information infrastructure that spreads fake news. Since the infrastructure that creates the fake news is the same as that remitting accurate news, there is a mental manipulation that is ongoing, and which is not good for the consumers of news. The trend of using the same infrastructure for both kinds of news is creating an ambivalent attitude among the consumers of news (Martin, 2019). The ambivalence in the news might therefore create an agitation among the citizens to try to call for the policing of the media. Media policing in turn will be bad for the space of media and news. The policing might lead to an unintended consequence of limiting the emancipatory potential in other media.

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