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Fake News and its Consequences in the Current Informational Climate (Essay Sample)


Subject: Journalism and Mass Communication
Number of words: 550
Number of sources: 3
Formatting style: APA
In a fully developed essay, please answer the questions below. Your work should
include an introduction, a body of supporting evidence, and a conclusion. Please
take some time to edit your work for punctuation, usage, and clarity prior to
Questions for Analysis:
1) What is Pablo Boczkowski saying about the influences of fake news on our
current informational climate? What are the three effects that he sees as most
damaging to our society, and is he optimistic or pessimistic about the near future of
2) What do you feel are the consequences of fake news on American society? How
have digital communication tools contributed to this problem?


Fake News and its Consequences in the Current Informational Climate
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Fake News and its consequences in the Current Informational Climate
The media houses and journalists plus other mass communication professionals are given the role and responsibility of providing highly trustworthy news to the public. The news and information disseminated to the entire population are grounded by strongly valued evidence and integrated with high integrity levels to provide reliable information for the public to ingest. Nevertheless, fake news has been prevalent since the onset of mass communication, as most indiividuals utilized fake news to generate high-profit margins since they attract much larger consumer bases. Consequently, over time with the technological revolution and overdependence of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc., the level of fake news has grown immensely due to the existing flaws within technology.
Pablo Boczokowski, a professor in the school of communication, provided a comprehensive framework showcasing the harmful effects of fake news on the current informational climate. Pablo strongly agrees that fake news has always been part and parcel of the information ecology, and its prevalence has grown tremendously during the technological era (Boczkowski, 2016). Fake news has significantly adversely impacted the current informational climate as the media houses, and mostly the social media platforms have been gravely affected by fake news. With the lack of editors and just the use of algorithmic curations within the websites, most publishers have utilized the social media sites as the base for disseminating fake news to a much broader population than the media mass communication networks (Boczkowski, 2016).

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