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Impression Management in Social Media (Essay Sample)

This was an analysis of social media etiquette. source..
Impression management in social media Student name: Institution name: Impression management in social media Online identity management is not always about "being yourself." Often, it is more like a Performance—one that requires different styles of presentation for multiple audiences. I agree with this statement, as the digital generation improves in the complexity and the way of expressing oneself online, there is notable freedom of expression with regard to posting personal feelings and ideas online. This online freedom of expression should not always be about being yourself as it is guided by the local legislations that protect privacy and uphold integrity as well morality among the citizens of a given country. Social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter has come up with tools that protect users from impersonation and possible hacking as some users may have ill intentions of either attacking opponents or those they differ in opinion. According to Bor, S.E (2014), individuals, groups, and the corporate world use social media for different purposes. Politicians may use the same for campaigns, civil societies may use the platform for advocacy while the business world uses social media to advertise their products with the intention of meeting their prospective clients. It is therefore very important to have a difference approach for a different audience. According to NPR ethics handbook, some of the important facts include consulting the Social Media team when in doubt, this is to avoid embarrassments in a case of false stories that may spread without one's knowledge and hence risk litigation. Be accurate on the source and intent of your posting. Othe...
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