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In the Age of Fast Fashion and the Internet (Essay Sample)


The paper reflects on challenges that affect fashion journalism.
what are the factors challenging fashion Journalism
Is fashion journalism evolving and how
The paper bases its argument on the thesis statement below:
Fashion journalism reporting has become challenging owing to two factors: fast fashion and increased media outlets.


In the Age of Fast Fashion and the Internet
In the age of fast fashion and the internet, fashion enthusiasts no longer have to wait for a periodical magazine to get the latest news and trends happening in the fashion world. This dynamic compels fashion journalists to be on their toes for breaking news or fashion releases from players in the apparel and fashion industry and convey it swiftly to their target audience. Fashion journalism reporting has become challenging owing to two factors: fast fashion and increased media outlets.
Fast fashion has democratized fashion and made it possible for the average Jane to replicate the recent Kim Kardashian's Met Gala look at a fraction of the price and journalists have to report this phenomenon. Journalists were accustomed to seasonal releases by the major fashion houses until the likes of Players like Zara came into the scene (Mo, 2015). The entrance of Fast fashion brands like Zara was able to predict fashion trends and make them available to the masses creating a new dynamic that was worth reporting. It increased the workload of the fashion journalist tracking the fast fashion trends compelling them to have daily articles to capture the trends.

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